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Get a Website that YOU Can Maintain Yourself!

And you don't need to know HTML, XHTML, CSS, .NET, ASP, PHP or any other of the alphabet soup of web technologies that are normally needed.

True, there are programs like FrontPage and DreamWeaver that will help you create a website, hiding the underlying code required to produce the site's pages. But such programs offer you only a website consisting of static pages. If you want some slightly special features, like a photo gallery or calendar that automatically reflects the month's events, ability to register people and limit content based on registration, you can't get such facilities without knowing how to build them yourself.

There are also open-source (i.e., free) Content Management Systems (CMS) that permit you to update your own website. And while these systems are free, you are on your own once you download them. They come with no help (other than standard forums and sometimes a knowledge base). Worse, adding a special feature like a photo gallery falls to you as well. Open-source systems are fine if you can use them as-is, but they can be very difficult to change.

A website gives your business presence. It has become a critical marketing tool. Yet a site that is not maintained and updated can do more harm than good. But if you have to pay a web designer to make even the smallest changes, your site will become outdated quickly. Don't let that happen!

Princeton Cybernetics has an alternative: A CMS system (so you can maintain it yourself), but one that is initially set up for you—and for which support is available even after it is constructed.

  • Choose from among a template of designs or we will reproduce a design you now have.
  • The setup charge is based on the features you want your website to have. You can add "member" registration, limit content based on registration, a photo gallery, calendar, a forum, even the ability to accept banner ads, and much more.
  • Once set up, the entire website can be maintained by you. Updating content is as simple as using a word processor. You won't need to know HTML or any of the other technologies used on the web. And since you update the content directly over the web, you eliminate the usual procedure of downloading-updating-uploading that is normally required.
  • Even uploading content like PDFs and pictures is done using editing facilities that don't require you to have to configure an FTP client.
  • If you have a website now, we will determine whether our CMS will run in your host's environment.
  • If you don't have a website now, you can find your own host or we will host your site for you. If we host your site, your first year of hosting is FREE and included in the setup charge. Thereafter, you pay only $10/month.
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